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Classic Storm styles reinvented and updated with some new twists, the Storm Autumn / Winter collection embraces individuality. More than mere trinkets, new styles and accents additions to a wardrobe that make each piece timeless (pun intended).

Favourite pieces from the collection include rose gold, Swarovski detailing and delicate chains that blur the line between practicality and beautiful design.


The white leather slim rim watch is a minimal design that combines contemporary styles with classic elegance in glass bezel and subtle date feature.


A little bit of a reference to futuristic styles, the simple yet bold style of the bracelet and necklace features a striking lazer glass embellishment with a thick chain that brings out the design’s unique qualities.


A playful touch to the elegant styles of Storm, the Solar bracelet makes an impression with glass beads encased in a Swarovski crystal ring creating a floating effect the piece is both delicate and striking in rose gold.


A personal favourite, the zazi watch holds a unique presence with it’s translucent case and crystals within a delicate rose gold ring. With Swarovski crystals on the dial and stainless steel, the Zazi watch is a modern take on previous classic styles.






There’s a bewitching quality in Chloe Langer’s coded design aesthetic that uses Morse code to create personal and handcrafted jewellery. Gun metal and leather delicately woven in a style that is unique to 23 Jewellery, the range from bracelets, chokers and anklets are delicate and charming in their subtlety. Made to order, each piece is a one off and a gift in itself, Chloe’s bespoke service offers an emotional attachment to the jewellery. I spoke to the designer about the brand ethos and on being a young creative in the industry. 

How does the handmade feature of your brand affect your design process?

Because I hand make each piece, it gives me quite a bit of flexibility when it comes to designing. It also means I can accommodate to different people’s tastes and allow customers to personalise their jewellery to quite a large extent. It is important to me that the jewellery is affordable, so when I’m designing I need to ensure that the materials I use are of good quality and are inexpensive.

Where does craftsmanship and creativity fit within the brand aesthetic?
As a lover of jewellery, I often see pieces I like, but would personally prefer different design features. For this reason, I wanted to bring the option of personalisation to 23 Jewellery. I also believe it makes the jewellery more special as each piece is made to order according to the customer’s specifications.

Tell me about yourself as a designer.
Although I started off in fashion design, I’m now studying Biomedical Science. I started 23 Jewellery mid-way through my first year at uni and I was already working alongside my studies. My biggest challenge so far has been juggling 23 Jewellery with my other commitments. Although at times things have become difficult, I haven’t lost sight of my goals. It is from these moments that I learned the importance of perseverance and I have learnt a lot about patience!

When I’m designing, the main thing I have in mind is how the customer will be able to personalise it. I really want 23 Jewellery to be a brand for anyone and so I try to have as many different variations for each piece, so customers can make it their own.

As a young designer in the industry how do you push your brand forward?
I am currently using social media and the internet, as this can carry a brand so far. It is difficult at times, but I take advantage of every opportunity that comes my way and people are very supportive.
23 Jewellery has so far reached the wrists of Made in Chelsea’s Oliver Proudlock, model Stacey Hannant and singer James Vickery. This has of course helped to generate interest and spread word of the brand.

The brand seems to be very emotionally driven in some aspects, what is the brand ethos?
I have always loved sentimental jewellery and the encryption and personalisation of 23 Jewellery makes each piece unique and it means so much more to the wearer; It’s not just a piece of jewellery, it’s a message from a loved one. I chose Morse code to encrypt the messages as I’ve always had an infatuation with the romance of WWII, the era in which Morse code was a predominant form of communication. This was the theme I wanted to portray in the lookbook I created with photographer Laura Coughlan and model Betty Jacobsson. We wanted the photos to have a vintage feel to them, without it being too domineering. With the help of hair, make up and styling, we put a modern twist on it.

What is next for 23 Jewellery?
I have ideas for a new range which I’m in the process of designing and plans for collaborations. I also hope to work alongside some more charities. 23 Jewellery is still a young brand and I hope that the support and opportunities I have been lucky enough to receive will continue.